Does LineStudio provide personal training?

LineStudio provides two types of training; private and small group sessions. Both types of training involve an initial consultation and orientation. We take the time to explore and understand your history and current status before helping you decide which type of training is the best fit for you and creating a plan.  For the small group sessions, clients begin the hour-long sessions with their specific warmup, then our Instructors guide 3 to 8 clients through their personalized workouts utilizing our studio equipment.

What kind of classes does LineStudio offer?

Our primary offerings are private and small group sessions. We will also have classes on occasion, and workshops and camps.

What kind of nutrition consulting is available?

Ann Svendsen-Sanchez, MS RD LD, provides individual nutritional guidance for our clients.  More about Ann

What does it cost to join LineStudio?

There is no fee to join the studio. Private sessions range from $90-$95 and each small group session is $60, and those sessions are sold in a package of 10 or 20.

Do you take credit cards for payment?

Yes, we do! And checks, cash and money orders.

How do I sign up for sessions?

Appointments may be reserved by calling 713.621.2360 or by sending an email with contact info to info@linestudiohouston.com.

As a client with regular weekly sessions, may I place my scheduled days/times on hold?

We reserve sessions for our clients and hold those spots each week, unless a change is requested. For change requests made at least 24 hours in advance, there is no charge. Appointments may be reserved by calling 713.621.2360, sending an email to info@linestudiohouston.com

What if my back is sore?

Judicious use of our stretching and strengthening principles generally results in greater balance in the musculature of the spine and pelvis, and this is critical to alleviating back pain for most people. Sometimes a backache is simply a result of weakening muscles over time and a lack of movement – our routines are focused on body alignment and mechanics and they are usually effective for reducing back discomfort.

What if I have had an injury?

If you have experienced an injury, you must first receive proper care from a medical professional and be released and allowed to exercise. Following, we can assess your status and create a routine that works for you. Our clients range in age from 14 to 90, beginners to advanced – there is something here for everyone!

How often should I come to LineStudio?

We recommend that new clients come at least twice per week to study and learn the methods and techniques utilized in our studio.  This self-study also allows you to apply what you learn to your everyday life, thus enhancing your energy level, sleep habits, dining habits, and even your posture