Our Lineage: Mindful Movement

LineStudio is an exciting new fitness facility with deep, enduring roots in movement principles. Located in a gorgeous, expansive space brimming with natural light, LineStudio is a warm, welcoming sanctuary for developing personal goals.


Using methods derived from ballet, Pilates, GYROTONIC ®, and current exercise physiology research, our Instructors teach our clients to enhance their health and take control of their lives – a philosophy known as functional integration. We use Pilates apparatus and other equipment to help each client gain strength, flexibility, and endurance while restoring and preserving the inherent integrity of the body.

Each of our clients participates in an initial consultation and orientation to evaluate his/her current health status and create a tailored plan. Following, clients are either matched with a private instructor or incorporated into our unique small group rubric.   Under the direction of our experienced instructors, hour-long sessions rotate each half hour, resulting in individual attention, with the camaraderie and dynamics of a small group.

In addition, we bring 30 + years of nutritional guidance and support via our registered, licensed Dietitian. Her expertise in specialized nutrition consultation compliments and enhances the work of our movement Instructors.

We chose our name to represent the lines of the body and the lines that connect us as family, friends, and people. Our combined experience and love for what we do results in the most satisfying workout in Houston.